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It all sounds great, but what does this App actually do?

Rootify aka the "Tinder for languages" connects cultures by diminishing the language barrier and matching people to achieve their learning goals together. Not only can you swipe your way through potential tandem partners but also through vocabulary you're actually interested in!

I’ve seen other Apps that serve similar purposes. What makes yours the best?

Our USP that put us ahead any competition is the unprecedented methodology which effectively teaches you based on the similar roots of your native tongue. You'll never ever have to start a new language at zero again! Your AI-enhanced language path paired with our beautiful minimalistic Design will get you right on track with a motivating kick-start. 

Do I need to be a polyglot / know the specific language family for it to work ?

Even though we pursue the ambitious aim of creating a generation of polyglots this is definetly not a prerequisite ;-) You don't need more than your native tongue, but the more languages you already know the more synergies you'll discover within our app.
Our Founder's native tongues for example are Persian and German. These two apparently distant languages with distinct writing systems nonetheless belong to the same Indo-German language family. Aligning with our vision just as us human beings our respective languages have way more common roots than we are aware off.

How can I get started / in touch?

In order to be among the firsts to test our free beta we highly recommend you use our social media links below to stay uptodate and enter your email so we can send you the link once its live!

Further, even after winning internationally renown awards our CEO appreciates going back to his roots which is why answers every request individually! Feel free to connect with him on your preferred channels including WhatsApp!

Let's go back to the Roots! Let's Rootify!